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90th Anniversary Project Campaign: Elevator

We ask for your assistance with our annual campaign.
This year's ask is quite significant and different than the past. We are asking for your help with a specific project fund: our elevators.

In 2020 we will be embarking on the 90th Anniversary of the Masonic Temple and Scottish Rite Cathedral building and our elevators are original equipment. They were updated to be used without an operator several years ago, however, that update did not include any of the hardware that carries our patrons from floor to floor (at that time there were no mechanical problems). As you may have noticed of late, we are down to one operating elevator.

The total cost to repair this equipment has been estimated at $300,000. We have secured a generous donation of $125,000 from the Masonic Lodges that utilize the building for their meetings and we are most appreciative. Their donation still leaves us with a $175,000 gap that we need to fill to bring this project to fruition. If our other elevator stops working we will be in a dire situation.

We are in the process of working with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to continue bringing our theatre back to its luster of years past. We are well on our way for sure. That process is going to take time and begins with roof repair and work its way down to the theater repair. The elevator is a necessary part of all of this!
We need your help!

Please consider a contribution for this worthy project. It will be deeply appreciated and will assist us making this 90th Anniversary a special year for the “Center of Arts and Entertainment in Northeastern Pennsylvania.”

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We welcome over 80,000 people each year. We are host to many charitable events including the Friends of the Poor annual Thanksgiving dinner and the Family to Family Holiday Food Basket program.  We are proud to offer extensive children’s performing arts programming and serve as home base for national Broadway productions and many concerts, lectures, dance recitals and other entertainment. We are also a sought-after destination for families’ most treasured celebrations. 

Confident that you’ve been impressed in many ways by the building and its programs, we ask that you please make a gift to our Annual Campaign today to preserve one of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s most definitive cultural resources. You can truly help our Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple make a profound and lasting impact on our region and its citizens.

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The Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple is a national, historic and architectural treasure in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Originally built as the Masonic Temple and Scottish Rite Cathedral, the building is a significant example of the work of Raymond M. Hood, a prominent architect of the 1920's and early 1930's, and is a unique example of Neo-Gothic architecture in Scranton.

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Years before architect Raymond Hood spearheaded design of New York’s Rockefeller Center, he applied his Art Deco style to our venerable Masonic Temple in Scranton. Today, our beloved Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple stands tall and proud as a hub for arts, education and community activities.  

The building was formally dedicated in May 1930. The robust steel framework is ornately clad in coursed ashlars of Indiana limestone. Like many complex and intricate architectural structures, time has taken its toll, and we face the enormous physical and financial challenges of restoring, modernizing and operating this treasure. The 188,000 square foot edifice houses two theaters, public and Masonic meeting rooms and event spaces, a grand ballroom, as well as numerous other offices, rooms and areas. The building demands about $20,000 in weekly operational costs. It’s a daunting expense, however, our dedicated staff, board of directors, Masonic brethren and the community remain committed to keeping the doors open.




Matthew F. Flynn Scholarship Fund

In 2014, the Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple began to embark on an ambitious endeavor to engage children all across Northeastern Pennsylvania. The SCC is continuing to develop programming and retrofit various spaces in the building to create a dedicated performing arts center, perfect for children to explore a variety of artistic activities, kicking off with our Summer Arts Academy Camps June through August. By contributing to the Matthew Flynn Memorial Scholarship Fund, you ensure that no child will be denied the opportunity to explore their artistic passion or study with professional artists due to his or her family's economic status. Please support the effort to transform the lives of area children through the magic of the Arts in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Click the Donate Button to make a contribution to the Scranton Cultural Center Matthew F. Flynn Scholarship Fund. Please note that you Do Not have to have a Paypal account to proceed. Once you click Donate, enter the amount of your contribution and scroll down to the credit card images to click continue to pay with your credit card. Thank you for your contribution.

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